• Mayader

    Mayader has been operating since 1993 and is considered one of the leading companies in recruitment, outsourcing, IT solutions, contact center solution and collecting Asbar Academy is a specialized provider of learning, sourcing and management consulting services with an extensive network of partner suppliers and individual associates. The combination of experience and innovative approach using the latest technologies-tools and simulations, is making Asbar a formidable partner in the local and regional markets.

  • Computer Services

    CCS Chip Computer Services was established 1990 to provide its clients with turn key solutions for here business problems With the change of need and reorientation in the information technology market and due to the new requirements CCS developed its capability to help its client with there new requirements and become one of the leading organization in Saudi Arabia in electronic publishing via multimedia and the internet

  • Bright Associates

    Bright associate is Indian based company established by scholars and professional HR consultants to provide its client with organizational development solutions

  • E-Jawdah

    E-Jawdah is rapidly growing IT company in Egypt, provide quality control services for the IT corporations to deliver a full enhanced Software projects based upon the quality standards.

  • Amir Malik Law Company

    Amir Malik Law Company Solicitors and Attorneys is Pakistan based conglomerate of capable and experienced lawyers supported by skilled administrative staff. Whilst large enough to meet the demands of our major corporate sector for Taxation, Commercial Setup, Company Setup, Partnership, Banking, Allotment & Settlement, Intellectual property & Trademark, Inheritance, Property & Probate, Contracts & Agreements, Company Law, Service Matters and Policy Writing.

  • Emirates National Bank of Dubai (ENBD)

    In 2004 Emirates Bank International was the first international bank to obtain a license to operate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our team delivered highly-professional job in developing all HR tools including salary structure, job description and job evaluation up to the recognized standards.

  • Alkhair Capital

    Tahweel provided comprehensive IT & Database Consultancy Services on several internal information technology-based assignments for the client. Our team applied data mining and analytical capabilities that have been equally insightful and valuable for our client decision making processes.

  • Innovative solutions (IS)

    Innovative Solutions is a cyber security services company that utilizes emerging technologies to support clients in optimizing security programs. IS one of the most successful company in the field of data security in Saudi Arabia and we are proud to have them as one of our oldest loyal client we are working with them since 2013 where we have signed a retainer contract to help them in various management and HR aspect including

    • Management and HR professionals coaching
    • HR tools development
    • HR programs implementation


    MBUZZ is A Telecom & ITC based company serving renowned blue-chip telecommunication companies throughout the Kingdom. Upon our engagement with them we have exhibited strategic approaches, management skills and team spirit which contributed a significant role in timely and result-oriented commencement of their assignments in key areas of Financial Advisory, Accounting & Strategic Management Consultancy.

  • Tashafi medical group

    Our team prepared detailed summary report on observations, recommendations along with action plan covering major areas of Tashafi business such as finance, claims, pharmacy, stores, laboratory, inventory, IT & policies. Under the finance section, we covered processes to monitor all suggested points under the action items. We suggested various procedures and systems to be finalized and needed to be implemented in certain areas of business such as claims, laboratory & IT. Our team worked on organization wide policy framework along with preparation of research reports, market and feasibility studies to cover the future strategy aspects for the company.

  • Daweni Medical Group

    Tahweel provided end to end financial management solutions for the finance and accounts department. Built and implemented strong financial and operational controls with sound monitoring mechanism to avoid leakages and loss of cash into un productive business activities. Our team extended fairly noticeable services towards implementing management oversight in the form of regular and accurate reporting.

  • Future Vision Co.

    We thoroughly studied their business model and investigated their operations to provide them with comprehensive business merger report with accurate valuations to the management to take strategic business expansion decisions for the company. Our report also helped them to identify their key strengths and weaknesses for addressing the right issues and enhance value of their business.

  • Deryaq Pharmacies

    Provided detailed study on their business operational model and recommended idea for potential expansion opportunities. Also Identified gaps in their operational processes and suggested key area of attention that has been affecting their revenues and profitability.

  • Al Haya medical group

    We have successfully completed Receivables Financing Project up to our client’s requirements. Our team has shown highly stimulated approach in accomplishing the project with appropriate reporting and documentation using latest set of data analytics and modelling tools. We provided clean, understandable and meaningful collections data to the financial institutions to minimize the hassle for analysing their complex collection data for fulfilling their funding requirements. Last but not the least we arranged for them the right funding solution that works and deliver results up to their requirements’

  • Elite Insurance & Reinsurance Brokerage Co.

    Tahweel Consulting Co. provided creditable services for AML/CTF Compliance and Risk Assessment Engagement. Our team has exhibited strategic and analytical approaches along with up to date risk assessment skills which contributed a significant role in timely and result-oriented completion of the client’s regulatory requirements.

  • Aqua Nufod

    ALMA is one of the leading factories in the production and water industry in Jeddah-Kingdom of Saudi, producing and marketing pure bottled drinking water. Tahweel provided several value-added services to our client starting from the CEO to hiring experts to develop plans and systems and supervise their implementation. Develop an integrated plan that includes management, operation, maintenance, finance and marketing. Implemented a comprehensive marketing plan to enhance sales and maximize profitability.

  • Loreen

    Loreen is a hospitality company operating several lugging facilities in western province. We worked with them in business development, expansion and implementation plan. Our key achievement with them is supervising their business expansion project within the Kingdom and in Europe..

  • Saudi Enmaat

    Prepared detailed business plan for mobile services application to diversify the business lines of the company towards enhancing revenues and ensure optimal utilization of existing resources. Supported plans were suggested for current business activation and remove all operational efficiencies.

  • King Saud University (KSU)

    Our project with KSU is a good example of our service flexaplity in was concentrated on knowledge transfer in the field of job description development to team of profisionals in the development deanship in the university through a series of workshop designed specialy for the university and leaded by our senior consultant in HR who was also expert in facilitating workshops and training programs

  • Dar Aloloom University (DAU)

    As a part of our social responsibility we participate in helping the university students in enhancing their achievement motivation improve their employability skills through a one day workshop

  • Institute of Finance(IOF)

    The Institute of Finance is committed to developing the workforce in the Saudi financial sector in line with the Vision 2030 and the aspirations and objectives of the Financial Sector Development Program. We work with the institute of finance (formerly the institute of banking to prepare) a job description catalogue for about 350 different jobs in the banking sector covering different function including technical banking jobs and management and admin jobs HR, IT and more. We worked with the institute to evaluate about 80 of these jobs and assign evaluation point to each. We also join hands with the institute to execute 2015 salary survey for the banking sector.