Corporate Governance

The aim of corporate governance is to maximize shareholders’ value through establishing the relationships between shareholders, directors and management, and the structures, rules and protocols in place to determine the direction and performance of your organization. Good corporate governance is a cornerstone of sustainable business development and a key factor for investment decisions, proper responses to external challenges, and enhancing the confidence of stakeholders and market players. Tahweel provides practical solutions for corporate governance framework designed to harmonize your organizational culture and structure, by integrating the following areas:

  • Board dynamics and good governance practices
  • Code of business ethics and conflicts of interest
  • System of internal controls and risk mitigation measures
  • Succession planning
  • Whistleblowing and anti-fraud programs

Tahweel offers a range of services, in accordance with local and global corporate governance standards:

  • Developing corporate governance framework, taking into account the organization’s bylaws and the applicable laws and regulations
  • Designing charters/ terms of reference for the board of directors and its committees
  • Creating mandates, policies and authority matrices for the board, committees and executive management
  • Developing board practices and protocols, including performance evaluation
  • Providing training, induction and development programs on corporate governance principles
  • Establishing annual reviews, monitoring and assessment of the board’s and committees’ effectiveness
  • Helping the organization to link its corporate governance structure with all of its other business activities