Training Service

We can help our clients with the following resources

  • Off site and residential training facilities
  • Professional trainers and facilitators
  • Development of training materials
  • Development of training activities (i.e. case studies, games and exercises)
  • Automated training management systems
  • Automated training delivery systems
We can custom design and deliver in-house training in the following areas
  • HR
    • Empowering HR personnel
    • Making Meaning of Number Jungle: Beyond salary surveys. A short course for compensation managers
  • Personal Development
    • Motivating Productivity: Raising Employee Achievement Motivation
  • Thinking
    • Rational solutions: Problem Solving & Decision Making
    • Creative Thinking
    • Systems Thinking
    • Creativity Management
  • Training and Development
    • Ultimate Trainer: Course design and delivery
    • Training Skills for Non-Trainers
    • Learning with Fun: Games and Simulation in Training and Education
    • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
    • Training Management: Training Planning and TNI/As
    • Mentoring and Coaching