Managed Services

Understanding the reality of our clients need we created our managed services to help our client to:

  1. Concentrate on their core business and get the best services in other airea that used to be cost center
  2. Reduce the overhead and remove the waist of access manpower and buld the business oriented team that can add value to their business

What we cove now as managed services are:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • HR
  • Business Technology (IT)
    • Defining Project Requirements
    • Projects Delivery management
    • Strategy for Technology Transformation
    • Information Technology Project Effectiveness
    • Information Technology Performance Improvement
    • Information Technology Merger Integration
  • Data Processing
  • ERP Outsource

Our service start with assisting client need and recommending what is require based on business type and size. Upon the agreement of our client on our recommendation we start implementing by installing the necessary technology or creating client access to state of the art on the cloud system to allow user to see his business activities and exchange documents and information. We will provide our client with full documentation needed for the process and provide support.