• Vision

    Tahweel aims to acquire leading position in the field of consultancy by maintaining the highest level of integrity and pride.

  • Mission

    We organize regional knowledge with international expertise, enabling our clients to generate the options that will create future value and success.

  • Values

    To help fulfill our transformation promise, we must agree to set of core values.

    • People First
      Our people first culture is adopted to build relationships with employees, customers, partners, community, and shareholders by being friendly and responding to what they want and need.
    • Continuous Improvement
      We regularly review completed tasks and project to identify opportunities to improve.
    • Think Smart
      We always encourage to think smart and look for new and innovative solutions.

  • Logo Philosophy

    The Chinese character (Hua) means Transform, morphing, change and according to one famous ancient Chinese poem, the poet told that any beautiful flower when dead will finally turn into nutrition to support the next generation to bloom; and that's exactly what we do. Our mission is to benefit from older experienced people to help the next generation to grow and change. Mike Mak, an artist from Hong Kong has rendered this philosophical meaning through his innovative vase-'Hua'. When filled with fresh flowers, the vase just indicates the process of blossoming, but when the flowers die off, the vase then signifies that they have transformed into nutrition for the next blossom season.