Mr. Al-Abdullatif is the founder of Tahweel and is a co-owner of Chip Computer Services. His diversified experience is attributed to his experimental mindset and long service in a variety of disciplines. Before he became an Independent Consultant, he worked as a Training and Development Consultant in Tawuniya, the largest insurance company in Saudi Arabia and the middle east. Prior to that he worked as Senior Trainer in the field of management, personnel development, creative thinking, problem solving & decision making and in IT at the. Institute of Banking, the prime training center for the banking sector in Saudi Arabia He started his professional life with the leading oil and mineral organization PETROMIN working in the HR Research and Development function. During his professional life he also worked as a part time Trainer and Consultant for various organizations such as Tawuniya insurance, Alnajl Al-Arabi, KACST(King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology), MAOAHIBAH (King Abdul- Aziz and his Men for the Gifted), SCS (Saudi Computer Society) and for the National Industrialization Company.


The luck trap

My colleagues at Tahweel nominate me to write short story about Tahweel. This nomination did not come because I am more capable in writing than any of them, it is merely because I am the oldest Opportunities and chances com and go and people can not hunt it if they did not prepare trap beforehand this is what I call luck,” be ready for opportunity to become lucky For me I start building the trap without knowing my major was geography which would not help me to capture opportunities in todays business world, the only to thing I was able to use today is understanding the world and believing and accepting diversity. My major at university paved the way to a simple job in “general Petroleum and Mineral Organization” which give me a chance to represent the organization in “south Korea” where I learn grate deal. When I came back I had the big opportunities to work with “Arthur d`little ” a big management and HR consultancy firm during 80s. I worked with ADL for two years as a trainee and consultancy team member until they left “general Petroleum and Mineral Organization” then I became a consultancy and research team head. My ability and my hunger to learn was the first trap I set for opportunities, that time the personal computer was just started in Saudi Arabia and not every body was ready to accept it, let alone to learn about it. With help of D. Ibraheem Alkharashi who become my partner later I learn how to program and develop systems which lead me to become head of computer department of ministry of industry and work as part time consultant and trainer for various companies and government agencies.

This encourage me with Dr. Ibrahim to aquifer “Chip computer services” a small start up working in computer business when it was the trend in KSA Next opportunity came to me while working in “Institute of Finance” “Formerly institute of Banking” where I met with Mr. Albaghdady our current CEO who become my partner Mr. Albaghdadi with his strong information technology academic background in addition to his very rabid growth in the financial sector and diversify experience in business development add to our business new energy After few years backed with diversified experience I retired and start “Tahweel office for management consultancy and studies” where again I got another opportunities when I gain Mr. Albaghday as a partner who added deferent dimensions to the business and widen the spectrum of services that we can provide to our loyal clients and create stronger bound with our eminent partners shift booth organizations to deferent levels and Tahweel become a company where we thought that we need to top all this with a grater challenge and we started “future growth” the company that will oversee booth businesses technology and consultancy and support booth arms with share services to allow booth company focus in there professional buseness During past few years we aquifer number of professional talents in various fields such as management, HR, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing, who join us from very highly reputed institutions who help us in This short story ends with the start of vivid vision attracting us to the leading position in the field of consultancy by utilizing our acquired tools over the years.